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A specialist service for victims of road traffic collisions in Northampton, delivered in conjunction with Voice

The majority of people regularly travel on the roads, both in the UK and overseas. Most of these journeys are completed without incident, and most people give no further thought to the travelling they have undertaken.  Sometimes however, something goes wrong.  When this happens those involved are usually taken completely by surprise. They had not expected to be involved in a collision, but the effects can be completely devastating.

If those involved in the incident have been very fortunate and no major injuries have occurred during the collision, once the shock has subsided many people are able to resume their lives once again. For some people, however, there are psychological consequences of a road traffic collision and they are left with enduring feelings of intense fear or helplessness. Intrusive images, nightmares and a sense of panic when travelling are not uncommon.

While this is more likely as a result of a more extreme incident, Post-traumatic Stress symptoms can occur following less severe incidents, depending on how the incident was experienced by each individual, whether driver or passenger, at the time at which it occurred. If symptoms do not decrease over time, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder can develop. Many people find getting back into a car again extremely difficult.




If the road traffic collision has been more serious and major or even life-changing injuries have occurred, individuals and families are even more likely to need help in recovering from the trauma. Psychological as well as physical injury may have occurred and both are likely to need treatment at the appropriate time.

In the most tragic of incidents the road collision involves one or more fatalities. The horror of losing a loved one in this way is termed Traumatic Loss, and families often find that they need help in coping with such a sudden loss and the ensuing grief and trauma involved.

ASSIST Trauma Care is now working in Northamptonshire, in partnership with Voice. We employ specialist therapists to provide help and support after road traffic collisions, including specialist support following traumatic loss. Help is provided for both adults and children, either as individuals or in family groups. All therapy provided is evidence-based.