Whether you are still enrolled as a member of the Armed Forces of have now finished your military service, your experience as a soldier, sailor or airman is likely to remain with you for the rest of your life. You will have faced many challenges. You may have received incoming fire or witnessed the death or injury of friends, or even civilians. You may have survived an attack when others didn’t, or have yourself been seriously injured. Even if you have never actually come under fire, being in an unfamiliar setting and culture overseas will in itself have been hugely challenging and may have complicated your military experiences even further.   While you were away you will have been in military mindset. Now back in the UK, adjusting can be difficult. If you have been on active service more than once this may actually have made things more difficult rather than easier.

Time spent in a war zone changes people. It also changes those back home who welcome them back into family life.  Most service personnel will readjust to life at home with few major problems, but this may take a few months. While you readjust these are common problems you may experience: